Team Building Strikes: Mi Cool Air Treats Employees to a Fun-Filled Bowling Day

At Mi Cool Air, the appreciation and well-being of the team are as much a priority as the top-notch service provided to customers. Michael Jarry, the company’s forward-thinking leader, recently demonstrated his commitment to this philosophy in the most enjoyable way possible. In an admirable move, Jarry decided to pay his team a full day’s wages to step away from their usual routine and roll into a day of ten pin bowling.

Mi Cool Air Team gearing up for Bowling

The event wasn’t just about strikes, spares, or gutters—it was a strategic play to foster camaraderie, rejuvenate spirits, and ultimately, improve workplace culture. The philosophy is clear: happy employees make happy customers, and happy customers fuel the success of a business.

The spirit of competition igniting

From seasoned pros to first-time bowlers, every member of the Mi Cool Air team rolled up their sleeves—figuratively and literally—as they hit the lanes. Laughs echoed and high-fives were the order of the day, as every strike and spare brought with it a cheer that likely echoed far beyond the bowling alley.

Concentration and precision on the approach
A dynamic release in action

Such activities underline an essential workplace truth: taking a break can be just as important as working hard. Michael Jarry understands that to build a consistently productive and engaged team, you must invest in their happiness and provide opportunities to create lasting memories together.

Perfecting the craft, one roll at a time

The day was a reminder that in the fast-paced world of business, it’s vital to occasionally press pause on the day-to-day grind. Teams need moments dedicated to unwinding and bonding, which in turn foster unity and teamwork back in the workplace.

Team Mi Cool Air celebrating together
Joyful moments off the job

And to top it off, Michael Jarry granted everyone an “early mark,” allowing the team to leave the event with ample time to enjoy the rest of their day however they wished. This gesture, underscoring both gratitude and respect for the staff’s hard work, speaks volumes of the culture at Mi Cool Air.

Reflecting on a job well done

The day of fun ten pin bowling was more than just a break from work; it was an investment in the team, a commitment to their enjoyment and bonding, and indeed, a celebration of their collective efforts. Hats off to Michael Jarry and the Mi Cool Air family for striking the perfect balance between work and play.

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