Ducted Hydro Clean

Mi Cool Air can do a ducted hydro clean for you, so your indoor air quality is cleaner.

Unchecked air conditioners can be hiding mould, bacteria, fungi and even human skin cells because air borne particles build up over time.

Why does my air con unit need cleaning?

We run a high pressure, hot clean, where we flush the mould, fungi, bacteria and other pollutants out of your air conditioner. As a result, your system runs more efficiently and the air quality in your home is healthier for everyone, including people who may be sensitive to poor air quality.

Regular cleaning is especially important if you have someone in your home who is a child, elderly person, has asthma or other breathing conditions.

What’s involved in a ducted hydro clean?

  • Pressure wash with water and air
  • We clean the barrel fan and behind
  • Wash the chasis, coils and filters
  • Clear blockages and dirt from the drain pad
  • External unit and cover clean, so it will look like new too

Everyone can benefit from cleaner air.


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