Split System Air Con Services

Split systems play an essential role in keeping our homes and offices set at the right temperature, especially during summers. Split air-conditioners have become a common sight in every household, keeping your home cool during hot weather and warm in winter. Prolonged usage of the AC without any maintenance can break down your appliance, thus leading to unnecessary expenses.

Did you know Mi Cool Air can do split system air con services in Dubbo and the Central West?

Air conditioners are Dubbo’s favourite way to beat the scorching heat of Summer and the freezing cold of Winter (and we know our neighbours in Orange will make fun of us for the cold comment). Air conditioning is almost essential to live in areas where the weather can be extreme and a split system can be a cost effective option for many homes.

Have you had your system checked or serviced this year? We recommend you do these every 12 months because units and filters get dirty, pests might get in and parts sometimes wear out.

What does Mi Cool Air do for split system air con services?

  • Clean, check and deodorise or replace filters if needed
  • Check the coils, thermostat and remote are working as they should
  • Check the evaporator drain and drain valve for possible issues
  • Remove obstructions from the fan or elsewhere in the unit
  • Clean unit internally and externally, including the coils
  • Look at refrigerant levels
  • Replace pipe insulation if damaged or worn

Save money by getting your air conditioner serviced because it will keep your unit running efficiently and parts are less likely to break, malfunction or underperform.

If your air conditioner is not heating or cooling like it should, give Mi Cool Air a call. Sometimes a service is all it needs.

Split system keeps a comfortable temperature.
Keep your space the perfect temperature with regular servicing from Mi Cool Air.



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